Bank on you.

This is MultiVault.

MultiVault is keyless Bitcoin storage.

It's simple, secure, and sovereign.

Designed for your Apple ecosystem.

Set up your vault in seconds.

Connect your devices and deposit.

There's no seed phrase to lose.

Recover from your devices.

Or from friends on iMessage.

Send securely.

Start on one device.

Approve on another.

Share the wealth.

Invite friends, family,
and teams to your vault.

Tailor your security with
custom thresholds and amounts.

MultiVault works hand in hand with
MultiKey for even more protection.


Multi uses powerful technology
to secure your Bitcoin.

Threshold ECDSA signatures.

GG18 Multiparty Computation Protocol.

Simple social recovery powered by
iMessage and PassKit.

Asymmetric cryptography that
never leaves the Secure Element.

Secure hardware authentication
running WebAuthn protocol.

BIP32 for secure and
private transactions.

Multi is coming soon to the App Store.

Built for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices.